Mobile Computing Course

On March 19-20, 1997, I taught a 2-day short course on Wireless and Mobile Computing for the Institute for Computer Research. This page summarizes the content and provides links to the compressed greyscale postscript files that contain the transparencies (originally produced by PowerPoint). Due to the translation process, some (but not all) of the colours got lost. This is particularly true for colour GIFs that I included from other sources off the Web.

A page with an alternative set of transparencies and pointers for a graduate course on Wireless and Mobile Computing is the Mobile Computing Course by Randy Katz from UC Berkeley. Some of the information about the history of wireless transmissions in my set of transparencies is copied from this source.

The course covered a comprehensive set of topics, ranging from a brief discussion of regulatory issues to an outlook on future generation cellular systems. The course description (in ASCII form) can be found here. The course schedule should give you an idea of how much time was devoted to each topic listed below.