Myself, summer 1994 

Myself, October 1997 

Jean (1)

By the way, this is not a photo out of a magazine to show off my dream woman, this actually is my wife.... :-)

(Someone who checked out the pages advised me to add this, to make sure that people won't mistakenly believe that these are just any arbitrary model photos, and I gladly picked that suggestion up) 

Jean (2) 

Hobbies: I enjoy playing squash and soccer. The above picture shows the team that won the `C' league championship at the University of Waterloo in the Fall 1995 term. Guess which one of the players is me..... 

This is the Division 7 Spitfires team for 1999 (Ottawa-Carleton Soccer League). Unlike the previous year, we actually managed to win at least one game this season (though I was not present for this historic moment, which some tend to interpret their own way ....)